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ATLANTA — Though Chevrolet appears to be the front-runner to gain the most displaced new Hummer buyers if the brand closes up shop, the attention of these shoppers would largely be "up for grabs," according to AutoTrader.com, which looked at cross-shopping activity among Hummer shoppers on the site.

AutoTrader.com's data indicates that 12.3 percent of new Hummer shoppers also check out Chevrolet models. And while Chevrolet ranked No. 1 and was the only brand that attracted a double-digit percentage of Hummer shoppers, there was not one particular cross-shopped brand that was dramatically stronger than the others at pulling in these consumers.

More specifically, the top 10 new-vehicle brands being cross-shopped by new Hummer shoppers on the site were:

1. Chevy: 12.3 percent

2. Ford: 8.8 percent

3. Dodge: 6.7 percent

4. Toyota: 6.6 percent

5. GMC: 6.5 percent

6. Cadillac: 6.3 percent

7. Jeep: 5.7 percent

8. Nissan: 5.5 percent

9. Mercedes-Benz: 5.2 percent

10. BMW: 4.9 percent

AutoTrader.com suggested that the fact that there's no one dominant brand at attracting Hummer shoppers likely indicates that:

—Hummer buyers have strong brand loyalty. And though they are a "small slice" of the overall market, the brand may still be valuable for a buyer looking to come in and keep it afloat.

—And if this doesn't happen and the brand indeed shuts down, the chance is there for several brands to gain these displaced shoppers.

"From the list, we see that new-car shoppers who consider Hummer are also considering many brands that offer luxury SUVs and trucks that might work as a substitute if the pipeline of new Hummer vehicles is shut off," explained Chip Perry, AutoTrader.com president and chief executive officer.

"Brands seeking to capture those Hummer customers have a great opportunity to use behaviorally targeted on-line marketing and other marketing channels to expose their brands to these new-vehicle buyers and influence their purchase intent," he added.