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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — To help generate more leads and improve conversion rates, AutoUSA is offering dealers Kelley Blue Book's LeadDriver, which is designed to incorporate KBB Trade-In Values into a dealership's Web site while, at the same time, obtaining lead information.

LeadDriver provides dealers with a shopper's contact information, as well as details about trade-in, how much it is worth, and the vehicles the shopper has shown interest in.

"Since the early ‘90s AutoUSA has been in the business of connecting dealers with buyers and we've had a very successful partnership with Kelley Blue Book over the years," stated Mike Shawd, director of sales at AutoUSA.

"Having Kelley Blue Book Values on any dealer Web site helps bridge the trust gap between the dealer and car shoppers and produces a higher conversion rate of visitors to leads," he added.

Shawd continued: "LeadDriver gives the consumer another way to connect with the dealer while also providing added value. Dealers spend an awful lot of money on SEO to drive traffic to their Web sites with generally low conversion rates. LeadDriver raises the conversion rate and makes the dealer's spend on SEO that much more cost effective."

Continuing on, executives explained that by offering the tools of Kbb.com in an integrated solution, LeadDriver can improve a dealer's Web site.

It is designed to keep shoppers on the site, providing them KBB Trade-In Values and letting them set up trade-in appointments with the dealer, thus helping to convert site traffic to leads.

LeadDriver's design can be customized, as dealers can choose color scheme, text and display options.

Instead of a per-lead charge, there is a flat monthly rate.

"With AutoUSA now being an authorized reseller of LeadDriver, this new agreement enhances a long-standing relationship between Kelley Blue Book and AutoUSA," stated Mike Grave, director of business development with KBB.

"We look forward to bringing new leads and more business to their strong network of dealers," he concluded.