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GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Although the first two weeks of auction sales in 2010 showed an upswing in activity and attendance, as well as a few pockets of interest and bidding gains, there was a "somewhat surprising" decline in wholesale values, according to Black Book's Ricky Beggs.

Specifically, Beggs said that among the 24 segments that Black Book tracks, all but one saw their prices fall. The cargo version of the minivan market was the only segment to climb, as it jumped just $22, Beggs pointed out.

He noted that the overall average value change — among the almost 1,100 vehicles whose values were adjusted — was a decrease of $99.

"Normally, right after the turn of the calendar, we would be seeing an overall increase in values. Well, after last year, we might be asking what is normal," he said in the latest "Beggs on the Used Car Market" video report.  "Maybe, due to the better than normal December activity and value movement, the market could be termed more stable."

Breaking the data down in more detail, car segments — all 10 of which declined — dipped by an overall average of $88 during the week.

This marked the steepest decline in almost two months, Beggs noted.

Meanwhile, the average adjustment on the truck side was a downward movement of $51. This represented the smallest change the segment has shown in three weeks, according to Beggs.

"As we observed the bidding and on-lane action, the buyers seemed willing to buy with mostly realistic bids reflective of the current Black Book values," he added. "It just seemed that the sellers were hoping and holding out for an early year market increase.

"You can rest assured one or both sides will make a move in the near future," Beggs continued.

Continuing on, he also talked about his time visiting dealerships to gain some insight into what dealers are experiencing on both the wholesale and retail sides of the market, as well as their goals.

"Everyone expressed the need to increase their used inventory with the right vehicles for their market," he noted. "Some of this will hopefully come from increased trade-ins."

Beggs also discussed his trip to the North American International Auto Show, where he found a theme of "upbeat optimism."

"There were performance cars, new crossovers, smaller engine economical gas and hybrid cars and even a special section of electric vehicles," he noted. "At the show you see many engineer/designer types taking very specialized/close-up pictures from multiple angles and views."

Beggs added: "Visiting your local or regional auto show is a great way to see new coming designs, and also the competitive models, if you are a franchised dealer."