Black Book announced it has expanded its integration with CarWiser Xchange, a platform and tool designed to give dealers access to consumer cars and enables consumers to receive instant vehicle offers.

In a news release, Black Book said CarWiser “champions a new era in vehicle acquisition efficiency and dealer consumer engagement” by connecting consumers with dealers through the instant multi-offer marketplace.

“The platform receives extensive vehicle descriptions from consumers and by leveraging API [application programming interface] technology, instantly matches them to dealers, who can set up the tool to automate offers and specify their most desired vehicles,” CarWiser CEO Patrick Howell said.

CarWiser Xchange uses Black Book’s enhanced vehicle matching and history-adjusted valuations to “empower dealers to maximize their profits,” the companies said.

The collaboration is designed to allow dealers to generate offers even while offline, providing an efficient way to expand inventory from local sources.

Black Book said CarWiser requires minimal intervention after setup, allowing account managers or dealers to configure parameters such as brand, year and mileage, after which the system is designed to autonomously facilitate inventory acquisition through its software-as-a-service model.

CarWiser Xchange does not require dealers to purchase a car, even after the offer is accepted. When a consumer accepts a dealer’s offer, the consumer must still bring the car in for inspection, at which point the dealer can modify or withdraw the offer.

In addition, Microsoft Autos has partnered with CarWiser as a consumer vehicle supplier and distribution partner for CarWiser Xchange. In the future, dealers will be able to access consumer inventory and other Microsoft Autos services, including VDP listings and premium advertising.

“Black Book’s integration into CarWiser’s state-of-the-art platform underscores our commitment to pioneering solutions that prioritize both dealer efficiencies and consumer experiences,” Black Book president Jared Kalfus said.