Black Widow, an automated imaging company in the automotive industry, announced a new chief operating officer Tuesday.

Hired for the position is Darren Kemper, who was most recently the director of business analytics at ADESA.

Kemper has more than 20 years of IT software engineering and organizational experience. He will take on the day-to-day operations of the company and report to Black Widow chief executive officer Jason Hauk.

“Darren’s exceptional organizational skills, adept knowledge of the technology that drives our business and his balanced demeanor makes him the perfect person to position Black Widow where it needs to be to meet today’s client technology and exceptional service requirements,” Hauk said in a news release.

Kemper added: “I am thrilled about working with such a talented team at a time when the demand for Black Widow services is at an all-time high. Technology never sleeps and neither do the demands of the marketplace or our customers. Black Widow has already changed our space. 

“Now we are at the place in our company’s journey where our operational efficiency, human resources and technological infrastructure needs to scale to lead the imaging arena so that clients can exceed their customer expectation,” he said.