With CarMax’s “new personalized car buying experience,” customers can complete the entire car buying process all in the comfort of their own home. That includes financing, trade-in and paperwork, without visiting the store. Other aspects of the “experience” include a combination of online and in-store shopping, and help from CarMax associates in person or by phone, text or email.

On Thursday, CarMax announced that its new personalized car buying experience is now available to CarMax customers in Florida and Virginia.

With the new offering, customers can arrange to have the car delivered, including test drive, before purchase.

The company plans to make the program nationwide, with plans for availability to the majority of CarMax customers by February.

In addition to completion of the entire car-buying process at home, the combination of online and in-store shopping includes quick store pickup for customers wanting to complete only some of the car-buying process from home. Customers can use the benefit of help from CarMax associates any time during the purchase and financing process. 

Specific offerings can vary by city.

The new “experience” is now available in the following areas in Florida: Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Myers, Naples and Jacksonville. The areas of Gainesville, Pensacola and Tallahassee will launch at the end of July, with home delivery not currently available at those locations.

In Virginia, the new personalized experience is now available in Richmond, Norfolk-Newport News, Lynchburg-Roanoke, Harrisonburg and Charlottesville, with home delivery not currently available in the latter three areas.

CarMax president and chief executive officer Bill Nash said in a news release that his company is delivering on “an unmet customer need” for what he described as a flexible, convenient car-buying experience “completely tailored to each customer.”
“This experience has been well-received by our customers, who are excited about buying a car on their own terms,” Nash said. “This is the future of car buying, and we’re off to a great start.”