Kia is getting a digital boost from CarNow.

The digital retail software provider has teamed with Kia America to upgrade the e-commerce and branded showroom platforms for the automaker and its dealers.

“This collaboration marks a transformative moment for CarNow, Kia and its dealers,” CarNow vice president of OEM relations Roxanne Dersa said in a news release. “We’re excited to play a pivotal role in ushering in a new step forward in digital retailing.

“Our shared vision is to empower Kia and its dealers to not just adapt but thrive in today’s modern digital landscape, offering car buyers an unparalleled and seamless automotive retailing experience.”

The changes to the e-commerce platform are designed to elevate the online customer journey, beginning from the VIN level.

The primary focus of Kia EasyBuy, the companies said, is to give customers who visit access to the same new Kia inventory listings that appear on the dealer’s website — including the dealer’s retail pricing, trade-in valuation tool, finance calculator and other digital tools offered by the dealer.

Customers who begin their journey at will have the option to be transferred to the dealer’s website and to receive a dealer email with a QR code that includes the terms of the dealer’s offer.

CarNow’s branded showroom platform will serve as an enhanced version of the current Kia showroom platform. The company said that standalone product will provide a unified digital experience for shoppers, bridging the gap from the Kia website to the dealer’s website, including delivery and other services.

Kia said its dealers will have continued flexibility in selecting their preferred digital retailing provider within the Kia Digital Program.

“Consumer preferences are constantly changing,” said Malia Caskurlu, Kia America’s director of customer experience journey. “It is crucial for us to adapt to these expectations and facilitate customers’ journey to purchasing a Kia vehicle with their preferred dealership.

“Kia’s Digital Retail Program is aimed toward bridging our online and offline channels together, thereby offering an integrated and expedited purchasing experience.”

Dealer participation in the program is optional. The companies said dealers who opt in can use the program’s branding advantages and improved lead conversion experience.’s new digital retailing experience is scheduled to launch in February. Initially it will be exclusive to CarNow-affiliated dealers to give them “a strategic window” to capitalize on what the companies called a “unique advantage.”