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ANDERSON, S.C. — Only about a week after Carolina Auto Auction received a top honor from CitiFinancial Auto, the operation now has been named the 2009 BB&T Auction of the Year.

Carolina AA beat out 10 other auctions to win the honor for the fourth consecutive year — each time BB&T has given out the award.

BB&T mentioned that Manheim's Tennessee Auto Auction and Manheim North Carolina finished second and third, respectively, in the running for this honor.

Also, Manheim Tennessee finished second in BB&T Affiliate Regional Acceptance's Auction of the Year award.

Carolina AA general manager Tommy Rogers cited similar reasons for the operation receiving the top award from BB&T as he did earlier this month when executives celebrated the honor from CitiFinancial Auto.

"Being an independent auction, we are able to make quick responses to the ever-changing auction environment," Rogers emphasized.

"Every auction functions in a similar way — as a holding lot for vehicles. We owe our success to our exceptional service and personal attention to our dealers. We feel like that's what sets us apart," he continued.

"Our dealers trust Carolina Auto Auction and know they will be treated fairly here," Rogers added. "None are more important than another. The dealer knows that we will do everything we can to get the highest selling price for our clients."

BB&T executives reiterated that they use approximately 25 different vehicle, marine and recreational auctions to sell repossessed units throughout the country.

They stressed that sales results, sales percentage and expenses relative to liquidation make up a majority of the criteria for its Auction of the Year award. Customer service, facility management and operational effectiveness criteria are used for eligibility requirements.

"Carolina Auto Auction has proven that it is a major strength in the auto remarketing world," noted Neil Boardman, vice president of remarketing for BB&T/Regional Acceptance Corp.

"This is a testament to Henry Stanley, Tommy Rogers and all the dedicated employees at Carolina Auto Auction. The effort they put into each sale, week after week, is truly extraordinary," Boardman added.

Upon hearing that assessment, Stanley interjected, "all auctions are similar. But at Carolina Auto Auction, it's our employees that make us the right choice."