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ANDERSON, S.C. — Executives from Carolina Auto Auction enjoyed the chance to celebrate in Denver recently when CitiFinancial Auto presented them with its Auction of the Year Award.

Owners Henry and Patty Stanley accepted the honor with much gratitude in light of a conversation with Layne Weber of CitiFinancial Auto. The Stanleys promised Weber and CitiFinancial Auto success stemming from the vision of becoming the top auction in the company's portfolio.

General manager Tommy Rogers and national remarketing manager Sal Terranova joined the auction owners at the award ceremony. Terranova recalled how the relationship between Carolina AA and CitiFinancial Auto developed.

"We know that to some degree, CitiFinancial Auto gave us the initial trial run in October of 2007 just to get us off their backs," Terranova remarked.

"We were persistent in asking for their inventory. We knew we could be No. 1 They gave us the opportunity. And for that, we say thank you," he added.

Carolina AA executives shared that Manheim's Portland Auto Auction had received this honor several years in a row. During the awards ceremony, the staff from Portland created a humorous video that included the line, "Portland is still the best. Carolina cheated on the test."

Rogers took the friendly jab in stride.

"The truth is being an independent auction allows us to make quick responses in the ever-changing auction environment," Rogers emphasized after chuckling at the video with the rest of the remarketing executives on hand.

"Every auction functions in a similar way — processing and preparing vehicles for sale to their dealer base," he continued.

"It is our effectiveness in offering exceptional service and letting the dealer know that he matters that has allowed us to attain the successes we have known and continue to strive for excellence as we move forward," Rogers added.

Henry Stanley elaborated on Rogers' points, stressing why Carolina AA received this honor as well as several other awards during its history.

"I have been known to say, ‘All auctions are similar,'" Stanley contended.

"At Carolina Auto Auction, it is the employees that make the difference," he went on to say.

"And it's true — it's what makes Carolina Auto Auction the right choice," Stanley concluded.