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CHICAGO — To make the auto research process more efficient for shoppers looking for family vehicles, Cars.com is now housing all of its family car-related content in one resource that it is calling the Family Buying Guide.

This consolidated section will encompass such tools as the "mom-focused" Motherproof.com blog, lifestyle buying guides and special advice sections for young drivers.

Essentially, the point of this integration is to provide family-car shoppers with one source to easily access information.

Reviews geared toward moms looking for cars, for example, previously were found on MotherProof.com, but now shoppers can view them on Cars.com, in addition to a host of other family-related content.

"Families have special considerations when shopping for a car, and we always take those into consideration at Cars.com. We evaluate every car we test drive from a family's perspective," explained Patrick Olsen, editor-in-chief of Cars.com.

"We look at practical, everyday things including how much cargo will fit in the trunk," he added. "We try to install up to three car seats in every car and evaluate how easily a seat can be installed."

The site provided list of what the Cars.com Family Buying Guide can specifically offer. According to officials, this includes:

—Cars.com expert reviews, written for the Family Buying Guide to include information on ease of latch connector use and backseat room with an infant car seat and two booster seats installed.

—Vehicle recommendations for small families, big families and for first-time drivers. 

—Links to: family-related videos and family-related advice, including Young Drivers' Advice and College Drivers' Advice, in addition to links to family-related "Faceoffs." Officials explained that Faceoffs are three-car competitions where vehicles in similar segments undergo head-to-head testing. 

—Additionally, the guide will provide links to research tools and information, including incentives, recalls and crash-test rating, just to name a few.

"Time and money when shopping for a car are luxuries that families can't afford to waste," stated Kristin Varela, who is the "Chief Mom" at MotherProof.com and senior editor of Cars.com.

"Consolidating all of the great information from Cars.com and MotherProof.com into one unique channel allows families to navigate the entire car buying processed with information tailored for them to help decide what to buy, where to buy it and how much to pay for a car," she added.