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CHICAGO — Cars.com is looking for the success of an ad campaign attached to last year's Super Bowl to continue when the Web site rolls out its latest strategy during this Sunday's game.

The newest spot connected with Cars.com's "Confidence" campaign will be shown during Super Bowl XLIV on Sunday. Executives explained that the 60-second spot, "With Knowledge Comes Confidence," can illustrate how Cars.com can deliver the knowledge shoppers need.

Spinning off of the character in last year's commercial — David Abernathy — Cars.com plans to introduce Timothy Richman in the new spot. The Web site pointed out that Richman approaches each life situation with confidence.

The ad takes viewers through Richman's life, from putting out a grease fire from his highchair as a toddler to helping a woman on a beach who was bit by a jellyfish to delivering a Bengal cub while on safari.

The spot wraps up with Richman turning to Cars.com when it's time for him to purchase a vehicle. Site executives said the ad delivers their tagline, "Confidence Comes Standard."

With Sunday's roll out, Cars.com will have appeared in commercials during three consecutive Super Bowls.

"Cars.com's 2009 Super Bowl commercial was extremely effective at communicating our brand's key messages to consumers. In addition to being very likable and well-received by consumers, it was also the most successful commercial we've ever produced in achieving key brand-building metrics," explained Cars.com vice president of marketing Carolyn Crafts.

"Given its success, we wanted to continue the campaign for 2010, but with a fresh approach to give consumers something new for this year's big game," Crafts continued.

"Timothy Richman is a powerful character that brings to life the power of knowledge and benefit of using our site, which delivers all of the information, tools and advice shoppers need to decide what to buy, where to buy and how much to pay for a car," she went on to say.

This new spot will continue to appear on sports programming after the Super Bowl. Cars.com plans for it to be shown during ESPN shows Pardon the Interruption and NFL Live as well as the channel's broadcasts of NBA and NCAA basketball games

Furthermore, Cars.com has an integrated online campaign featuring exclusive Web videos that will also go live following the Super Bowl. These videos are set to be on the home page of ESPN.com, CNN.com, CBSSports.com, YouTube and Yahoo.

Along with the Super Bowl spot and positions on major Web sites, Cars.com plans to leverage the campaign on a regional and local level, too. Site executives contend that additional exposure will come from their extensive network of local broadcast and news partners who will support the campaign locally in print and online.

The commercial featuring Richman was produced by DDB Chicago and directed by Craig Gillespie, who also directed Abernathy spot for Cars.com.

The complete ad and exclusive Web videos can be seen in advance of the game at www.cars.com/superbowl.

"The Super Bowl has been a proven brand-builder for Cars.com," Crafts stressed.

"Our presence in each of the past two years has paid off, exposing our brand to record audiences and building awareness of the site and service we offer to car shoppers," she went on to state.

"It is a smart investment that supports our strategy and works to grow our business and that of our customers," Crafts concluded.