MONROE, Ohio -

Dealerships that leverage marketing tools from Dealer Specialties and Experian now have more robust information to present potential buyers about their inventory.

Dealer Specialties announced on Thursday that it has teamed with Experian to make C.A.R.Score reports available within Experian’s AutoCheck vehicle history reports.

The companies highlighted this new relationship is an added benefit to mutual clients as it gives dealers the opportunity to show C.A.R.Score vehicle condition reports in the history report in an effort to give consumers more confidence to make their next vehicle-purchase decision.

Dealer Specialties recapped that C.A.R.Score is an all-new, consumer-facing vehicle condition report that displays the exterior and interior condition of the vehicle, including instrument and control panels, mirrors, upholstery, even the scent of the vehicle.

These interactive condition reports can show specific details that vehicle shoppers are looking for, yet, until now, were not available on vehicle history reports, according to the company.

Dealer Specialties noted that its vehicle inspectors perform a full, cosmetic vehicle evaluation that includes photographs of any visual damage. After inspection is completed, the vehicle is rated from 1 to 5 stars in an attempt to give consumers a clear understanding of the vehicle’s current condition.

“Consumers have shown an increasing trend toward purchasing automobiles online over the past couple of years,” Dealer Specialties president Shane Marcum said in a news release.

“With the recent impacts to the automotive space attributable to COVID-19, our C.A.R.Score consumer-facing condition reports provide confidence to both dealers and their customers in a time where transparency has never been more important to the completion of an automobile transaction,” Marcum continued.

C.A.R.Score reports will be displayed under the inspection history check and detailed vehicle history sections of Experian’s AutoCheck vehicle history report. Each section provides inspection data, location and a link to the full C.A.R.Score report.

To see an example report, go to this website.