Ford and Lincoln dealers now have a new resource to boost their sales and service efforts.

CDK Global recently announced a collaboration with Ford Motor Co. to integrate vehicle build data for Ford and Lincoln vehicles with CDK Global’s Neuron Advanced Vehicle Lookup Application Programming Interface (API).

The automotive retail software provider explained that incorporating OEM data can help ensure that information in the API on Ford and Lincoln vehicles is accurate, further enabling a simplified retail experience for consumers.

Manufacturer build data includes VIN-specific data — such as vehicle descriptions, additional features and MSRP value — to expedite valuation workflows and optimize marketing efforts.

Integrating this data with the CDK Neuron Advanced Vehicle Lookup API can help to lay a foundation of trust and transparency for an enhanced sales or service experience for consumers at multiple touchpoints, including financing submissions, online vehicle listings and insurance appraisals.

“Consumers are increasingly demanding simple, convenient and transparent vehicle-buying experiences, which requires streamlined access to complete and accurate vehicle availability, pricing packages, features and options,” CDK Global chief product and technology officer Mahesh Shah said in a news release.

“The CDK Neuron Advanced Vehicle Lookup API leverages vehicle build data directly from the manufacturer and helps ensure those involved in the sales and service processes have the most accurate information possible to help create a seamless, transparent consumer experience,” Shah continued.

For more information about the Advanced Vehicle Lookup API and to request availability, go to this website.