Despite COVID-19 safety and travel regulations, CDK Global has completed one of its largest installations of its core dealership management system product for all Greenway Automotive Group dealerships.

CDK said it completed the multi-site and multi-state installation of the DMS product, called CDK Drive, for 46 dealerships across eight states for Greenway, which serves customers in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Missouri, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

The company said that to better meet customers’ needs, it changed its installation process amid the pandemic. CDK said the standard onsite installation experience changed into one requiring “an equal commitment to partnership and teamwork from both CDK and Greenway.”

Because of that, according to the company, the installation continued without delays or data loss.

Greenway Automotive Group president Carl Atkinson said his company was apprehensive at first about switching to a new DMS partner.

“CDK put us at ease, focused on process over product, and made sure we could build out the ‘Greenway Way’ for our employees and customers,” Atkinson said in a news release.

Atkinson continued, “The partnership developed through the installation process helped us work together through the challenges that emerged from COVID-19. This collaboration has provided a solid foundation for Greenway and CDK that we will continue to grow and strengthen as we look toward the future.”

CDK president and chief executive officer Brian Krzanich said changing DMS providers is a substantial decision for any automotive dealership. Dealers should not take that decision lightly, he said.

“By developing a solid partnership, rooted in listening and better understanding Greenway’s needs, we provided a tailored, unique experience that met the distinct challenges Greenway was facing, all while navigating the unprecedented circumstances of a global pandemic,” Krzanich said.

He continued, “The Greenway installation not only illustrates our capabilities, but also demonstrates our agility, and continued focus on being the best partner for our customers.”