Cox Automotive and Subaru of America recently highlighted their latest philanthropic efforts that involved a wide range of activities.

Cox Automotive is calling its new effort Project Pink, which is an initiative to celebrate diversity among its Fleet Services and Manheim technicians and support breast cancer awareness.

Meanwhile with temperatures throughout much of the U.S. well below freezing, Subaru announced that it has expanded its Subaru Loves to Help initiative through a new partnership with Operation Warm, a national nonprofit that provides new, high-quality coats and shoes for children in urgent need.

Project Pink is a campaign that features high-visibility pink uniforms for female technicians at Cox Automotive.

Icie Hinton, a female trailer shop technician with Cox Automotive Fleet Services and a graduate of Cox Automotive’s FleeTec Academy, created this initiative to honor and recognize women’s crucial role in the transportation industry and as a sign of support for those fighting breast cancer.

According to a news release, Hinton developed the idea while participating in Cox Automotive’s Women Who Wrench, a year-long mentoring program that pairs female technicians with those in leadership roles.

“This pink uniform helps normalize the idea of a woman proudly wrenching,” Hinton said. “I hope these uniforms act as a catalyst to normalize women doing tough and dirty jobs that are traditionally perceived as exclusively masculine.”

In collaboration with Cintas, Cox Automotive developed high-quality, durable uniforms that meet safety regulations while offering comfort.

The company said the uniforms, embellished with the Cox Automotive Fleet Services or Manheim logos, are more than just work attire, calling them a statement of commitment and community.

Son Wing is a lead trailer repair technician and Hinton’s mentor.

“The impact that Icie Hinton, among other female technicians, is making through Project Pink is remarkable,” Wing said. “Their involvement in this cause is not just inspiring; it’s transformative. Icie’s leadership in this campaign reflects the spirit of change and empowerment that we strive for at Cox Automotive.”

Initially, eight female technicians received these special uniforms. However, Cox Automotive wants to expand this initiative and involving male allies to broaden its impact and reach.

“On a granular level, this pink uniform is a conversation starter with my peers,” Hinton said. “It’s created meaningful connections with my coworkers who compliment my uniform colors and even jokingly express jealously saying, ‘How did you get a pink uniform? Where can I get my pink uniform?!’ It’s a great way to continue to build strong professional relationships with male colleagues in this small but meaningful way.”

Cox Automotive said women make up just 3.6% of all auto mechanics. That’s why Cox Automotive said it wants to attract, recruit, and develop female talent who have been underrepresented in a traditionally male-dominated field.

“We take immense pride in Project Pink and the exceptional representation of women on our team as top-notch technicians,” said Ted Coltrain, vice president of Cox Automotive Fleet Services Operations.

“More than a mere campaign, Project Pink embodies a heartfelt cause. I see this initiative as a ray of hope and unity for someone who has personally experienced the effects of breast cancer. We’re creating awareness and fostering a community of support and resilience,” Coltrain continued.

Two other high ranking company executives applauded the effort, too.

Patrick Brennan, senior vice president of Cox Automotive Fleet Services, said: “Project Pink signifies a pivotal step towards industry leadership and social responsibility. This initiative underlines our commitment to diversity and creating a meaningful impact in the community. We’re raising awareness and setting a precedent for inclusivity in the transportation industry.”

Grace Huang, president of Cox Automotive Inventory Solutions, said: “As someone who deeply values diversity within our company and industry, I could not be more proud of this inspiring initiative. Not only does it reinforce our commitment to diversity at Cox Automotive, but it also champions hope and awareness in support of women diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Subaru accelerates efforts to get warm clothes to children

As previously mentioned, Subaru is embarking on a new partnership with Operation Warm

According to another news release, the automaker and its dealer network will provide more than 150,000 children across the country with the essential clothing they need to thrive as part of the expanded Subaru Loves to Help initiative.

“For too many children, going without a coat, shoes, or even socks can mean the difference between going to school, participating in activities, and feeling confident in themselves,” said Alan Bethke, senior vice president of marketing for Subaru of America.

“By pairing our own commitment to be ‘More Than a Car Company,’ with Operation Warm’s mission of being ‘More Than a Coat’ we’re providing children in urgent need with the opportunity to select and own the brand-new necessities they deserve,” Bethke continued.

In partnership with Operation Warm, about 630 Subaru retailers nationwide have been matched with a beneficiary organization in their local community serving children in need.

Through gifting and drop-off events, children can personally select their new pieces of clothing. These items are intended to not only help children stay warm and dry, but also to positively impact their mental and emotional well-being.

“Coats, shoes, and socks provide so much more than just physical warmth, and programs like this are giving kids in urgent need the relief and confidence to socialize and succeed,” said Grace Sica, executive director of Operation Warm.

“Teaming up with Subaru, who clearly shares our values of community connection, allows us to bring warmth and confidence to even more children around the country than ever before,” Sica added.

On Wednesday, the automaker will kick off the 2024 Subaru Loves to Help campaign with one of its largest community-focused donation events held at Subaru of America headquarters in Camden, N.J.

Employee volunteers will be serving close to 1,000 children from Camden with brand new clothing items.

“Working with eight local community organizations and nonprofits that benefit children and families in urgent need, the attendees will also be treated to an evening of fun, food, and games to celebrate the occasion,” the OEM said.

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