IRVINE, Calif. -

Automotive marketing cloud company Orbee Auto recently named Peter Fong as chief revenue officer, stating that Fong could improve the company’s offerings “aimed at enabling automotive dealerships to more easily tackle the complexities of today’s digital marketing landscape.”

Fong’s more than 26 years of industry experience includes various executive-level sales, marketing and brand management positions at Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler/Chrysler Group LLC.

He also formerly served as senior vice president of dealership operations at the National Automotive Dealers Association. He most recently ran his own consultancy that advises auto industry companies.

Orbee Auto said Fong’s auto industry experience, along with Orbee Auto’s platform and services, brings “a new level of vision” to dealerships, trade organizations, media companies, and manufacturer agencies.

Fong is a military veteran who served as a Naval aviator and leadership and management instructor,

The company said Fong joins its team “at a critical moment in the history of the automotive industry.” Because of the pandemic, dealerships are working to adapt their digital channels. That includes more digital showroom traffic, higher used-vehicle demand, and a need to compete with direct-to-consumer car sales, the company said.

“What I have come to learn about Peter is that he rolls up his sleeves and really engages the dealer community helping connect dots for them in a way that is understandable and actionable,” Orbee Auto chief operating officer Atul Patel said in a news release.

Patel continued, “When you match Peter’s network and insight with our amazing team of contributors, strong partnerships, and highly engaged customers, I’m excited about the transformation we will drive in this industry.”

“Orbee Auto has shown the devotion and determination to assist automotive dealerships through the difficult world of digital marketing, and with that, it was an indisputable decision to join them,” Fong said.

Fong continued, “Daniel Kim and Atul Patel assembled a team that structured a system and vision which enables a new light to the automotive industry. I am delighted to bring more to this company with my industry experience and relationships with a vast range of dealerships.”

Orbee Auto chief executive officer Daniel Kim said Fong possesses strong knowledge of the automotive industry “and will help deliver Orbee’s vision of empowering automotive dealerships in a digital-first landscape.”

“His passion for truly wanting to help automotive dealers thrive makes him a great addition and leader to our company,” Kim said.

Fong said being associated with a minority-owned company with many minority employees was a strong deciding factor in his decision to come to Orbee. The company said he joins several automotive executives who have recently left C-level positions at major OEMs for “innovative start-ups that are more nimble and well- positioned to make quicker decisions to impact change for the better.”