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AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — They specialize in different modes of "transportation," so to speak, but the auto and aerospace sectors might be able to help each other when it comes to technology.

At least that's the goal of Chrysler and NASA, which have teamed up for a three-year collaboration that, essentially, allows for technology and resource sharing.

They will work together in diving into such topics as materials engineering, robotics, radar, battery systems and other energy storage mediums. There will be project teams — each of which includes a Chrysler and NASA technical specialist — that will focus on specific technologies.

"This is a great opportunity to share knowledge and data in areas where both Chrysler Group and NASA have a vested interest," stated Scott Kunselman, senior vice president of Chrysler engineering. "We value the opportunity to work with NASA and will implement what is learned to further improve our Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram Truck products."

This isn't the automaker's first time working with NASA, as Chrysler developed the Redstone rockets in 1961 for the Mercury Project. As some may remember, this was the first time the United States sent a human into space.

Chrysler was also responsible for building the boosters for the first two Apollo spacecrafts.