Dealers who use vAuto now can take advantage of a new integration involving Stockwave and Ready Logistics.

According to a news release from Cox Automotive, this integration enables Stockwave clients to see shipping costs and delivery times for vehicles at Manheim more easily, so they can take these critical factors into account and make more confident decisions about which vehicles to buy. 

“This is another great example of how Cox Automotive is working across brands to make it easier for dealers to find and buy the inventory they need,” said Derek Hansen, vice president of operations at vAuto.

“With the power of Ready Logistics’ data, Stockwave gives dealers even more information at their fingertips to simplify the acquisition process and help them make informed purchase decisions,” Hansen continued in a news release.

With this new integration, Cox Automotive indicated dealers can see a real-time estimate of transportation costs and delivery times for vehicles at Manheim right from their Stockwave Glance, as well as get a detailed snapshot of what their transport details would be. The company pointed out the delivery window is especially important for dealers who are purchasing from a Manheim location they’ve never bought from before, as they can now instantly get an estimate of how long it will take the car to arrive—without having to invest time on the phone.

Additionally, Cox Automotive said this new information can help dealers more precisely understand a vehicle’s acquisition cost, so they can align their business plans with their transportation needs. 

Stockwave can give dealers access to vehicles from more than 300 marketplaces, alongside a set of wholesale and retail data, so dealers can find the vehicles their customers want and make more informed purchase decisions.

According to the 2022 Stockwave Purchase Motivation Study, users said they feel their overall capability to source used vehicles is better than other dealers within their market, and users also claim to have seen a notable increase in the number of used vehicles they have in stock after they started using the product. They also claim that their time to research inventory has decreased since they started using Stockwave.

As a provider of full-service transportation logistics solutions, Ready Logistics tries to simplify the supply chain for dealers and make it easy to move vehicles from point A to point B.

Clients who ship with Ready Logistics can benefit from a fully vetted carrier network, advanced technology that provides transparency and analytics on vehicles in transit.