Cox Automotive and Roku are now working together to help determine how advertising on streaming TV can impact the consumer car-buying journey, including all stages of that process, from web browsing to purchase.

The partnership brings together automotive data from Cox and TV streaming data from  Roku to help marketers “connect ad exposure to every stage of the shopping journey for the first time,” the companies said in a news release.

In a nutshell, here’s how it would work.

An automotive brand determines its target audience and launches a streaming ad campaign with Roku. The ad exposure data that Roku captures is then sent to Cox Automotive, which pairs it with the company’s first-party data set.

Cox can then provide reports showing how streaming ad exposure correlates with consumer behavior across its properties, like Kelley Blue Book or Autotrader.

“The ad measurement of the future will start with data from direct consumer relationships because it’s more accurate and scalable,” says Asaf Davidov, head of ad measurement and research at Roku, in a news release. “Roku and Cox are uniquely positioned to partner with auto marketers to go under the hood and make every marketing dollar work harder.”

Cox Automotive vice president of operations/advertising Steve Lind added: ““With our data capabilities combined, we will offer auto advertisers a holistic view of the consumer auto journey, revolutionizing how advertisers measure the impact of their digital advertising investment.

 “Cox Automotive’s unparalleled audience paired with the data insights from Roku will provide a new look at performance during every stage of the car buyer journey,” Lind said.