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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Just like the energy generated by basketball during March, Dealers Auto Auction of Oklahoma City said lane activity was buzzing during sales at the auction this month, including a "March Madness City" event that created quite a bit of dealer interest.

The auction tipped off March with a Chrysler Financial sale on March 4 that included more than 220 units. Because there was such a large offering from Chrysler Financial, the C lane was used specifically for the consignor's vehicles.

Pizza and doughnuts were served during the sale, and DAA/Chrysler hooded sweatshirts were given out to dealers who bought a vehicle.

"They say March comes in like a lion — and we certainly saw strength in the C lane during the Chrysler Financial sale on March 4," commented general manager Bruce Beam. 

"Chrysler Financial offers an exciting new opportunity for our customers to fulfill their inventory requirements," he continued. "With the enthusiastic support of our buyers, Chrysler Financial ran again on March 18, and we hope to make this account a regular part of our game plan!"

The auction held its March Madness City — a "dealer bracket contest" — on March 18. During this event, buyers had the opportunity to win $250 per week in cash cards as well as giveaways from consignors.

March Madness City began with a free-throw shooting contest among dealers prior to the sale. Participating dealers could win up to $200 by making two consecutive baskets.

"During March Madness City, each of our lanes represents a basketball conference, and dealers gain chances to win by buying vehicles from each 'conference,'" Beam stated.

"At the end of the promotion, we'll draw winners from the lanes representing the conferences of the teams that advance to the championship," he continued. "The grand prizes are 32-inch and 42-inch flat-screen TV's!"

There were also special prize giveaways for which dealers could qualify during the month, Beam added.

"Several of our institutional accounts caught their share of the 'Madness' and planned special giveaways," he shared. "Buyers won digital cameras from CitiFinancial, Regional Acceptance and HSBC/Santander; AmeriCredit gave away a flat-screen TV on March 11.

"CitiFinancial also gave away flat-screen TV, along with two basketballs and $25 Visa Cash cards. At the March 25 sale, Midwest Car Corp. gave away a digital camera, and we saw more TV giveaways from GMAC, Santander and Ford Motor Credit," Beam added.

He continued: "Combining the excitement of March Madness with the optimism we're seeing in the lanes as a result of a revitalized spring market was a slam dunk! After all the stats were posted, March turned out to be our best month since July of last year, with increased volumes, increased conversion rates and increased sales numbers."

Looking at the March 18 sale details specifically, there were more than 1,200 units offered, 660 dealers attending at the site and 40 bidders using the Web.

Then, the next week's sale saw a consignment of 1,246 units, 750 of which were sold. The number of bidders attending on-site was 700.

"A big thank-you to all our customers for their part in making March a tremendous month at DAA/OKC!" Beam concluded.