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SOUTH AMBOY, N.J. — The DCH Auto Group is looking for a healthier company outlook beyond just retail sales figures. The group recently launched a comprehensive wellness program for its employees and families.

The program, called DCH Life Roads, incorporates a variety of strategies and plans intended to boost wellbeing. It also encourages employees to get and stay healthier through financial incentives and rewards as well as unique offerings specifically designed for the group.

One of the special elements of DCH Life Roads the group highlighted is a smoking cessation program called Quit for Life. This initiative is a cooperative effort between the American Cancer Society and Free & Clear. It employs a combination of physical, psychological and behavioral strategies to enable participants to take responsibility for and overcome their addiction to tobacco.

The smoker cessation program will be available to DCH employees, their spouses or domestic partners this year at no charge.

More attributes of DCH Life Roads are meant to curb obesity and reduce the potential for heart disease and diabetes.

"DCH believes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be very challenging in this fast-paced world," group executives pointed out.

"As rates of obesity, smoking related diseases, heart disease and diabetes continue to rise, subscribing to a healthy way of living has never been more important," they added.

Meanwhile, Shau-wai Lam, chairman of DCH Auto Group, hopes the new wellness program will be another avenue for the group to retain its employment base.

"Providing a wellness program lowers health care costs, reduces absenteeism, improves morale and is just the right thing to do," Lam contended.

George Quinn, corporate benefits manager for DCH Auto Group, echoed Lam's position about how it can benefit the group in numerous ways. Quinn also attached some firm financial numbers that can be gained with wellness programs.

"Health issues have a key impact on work productivity, job satisfaction and containing health care costs," Quinn explained.

"Most employers that sponsor wellness programs have a significant return on the investment, ranging from three to as much as seven dollars for every dollar invested," he stressed.

DCH plans to roll out this wellness program throughout its group, which comprises 27 dealerships in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and southern California.

"We are excited about the launch of DCH Life Roads," noted Susan Scarola, president and chief executive officer of DCH.

"Wellness is a journey, and our belief is that DCH Life Roads will be the support our employees need to get and stay healthy," Scarola concluded.