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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Advanced Business Computers of America recently enhanced its DMS solution Deal Pack so it now integrates the underwriting and analysis tool from Kistler Automotive.

Executives explained that dealers who already use Deal Pack can immediately access the Kistler tool. They noted that Kistler's solution includes insurance tracking services, insurance underwriting, voluntary physical damage insurance, spot delivery insurance and forced placed physical damage insurance.

They also contend that the solution can help dealers with improvement of underwriting and risk evaluation, reduction of uninsured exposure, reduction of charge-offs, driver's license verification, and online insurance quoting and purchasing. 

"The decision to integrate with a company like Kistler Automotive was easy," noted Shad Hedy, founder and president of Advanced Business Computers of America.

"We only align Deal Pack with great companies — companies who offer products that are reliable, effective and venerated. Kistler Automotive's Underwriting & Analysis Tools are valuable to our customer base, and the perfect complement to Deal Pack," Hedy continued.

Bernie Unterreiner, president of Kistler Automotive, believes his company's solution can benefit Deal Pack, a platform meant to place insurance properly.

"We are thrilled to partner with such a highly regarded brand that values its customers and strong reputation just as we do," Unterreiner stated.

"Deal Pack is the industry's leading software solution," he continued. "Advanced Business Computers of America's product has withstood the test of time and IRS audits, and when paired with our reliable service, will ensure customers receive the best possible solution and value available in the automotive industry today."