Automotive marketing technology company Dealer Alchemist has acquired AutoGo – formerly Dealer Venom – a provider of advanced automotive website platforms.

In a news release, Dealer Alchemist said the centerpiece of the acquisition is AutoGo’s flagship product, the NEXUS automotive website platform, which will be a “pivotal offering” for Dealer Alchemist and AutoGo clients, promising to elevate their digital presence and operational effectiveness.

The company said NEXUS is “renowned for its scalability, efficiency and ability to integrate dynamic digital advertising and analytics.”

Dealer Alchemist CEO Shean Kirin said the acquisition is a “game-changer” for the company and its dealers.

“Integrating AutoGo’s innovative technologies, especially the NEXUS platform, aligns perfectly with our vision of providing cutting-edge digital solutions,” he said, “and allows us to invest in AutoGo’s evolution as a premier website platform for the automotive industry. Dealers deserve better technology.”

In 2023, Dealer Alchemist was named as one of Auto Remarketing’s Emerging 8, which honors companies that improve a specific aspect of the automotive industry through technology.

Dealer Alchemist said AutoGo’s expertise in websites, analytics, machine learning algorithms and digital advertising will complement its existing services to create a comprehensive digital advertising ecosystem for dealerships.

AutoGo CEO Joud Mansour said Dealer Alchemist’s “commitment to investing in our technology and our combined efforts will undoubtedly set new standards in the automotive digital landscape.”