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GREENVILLE, S.C. — Dealer Ignition, a software company geared to help brands and dealers move products online, recently revamped its Web site.

Executives explained the basis for the redesign was to serve better as a hub for the company's marketing and sales development. They now believe their site is better positioned to harness growth in an expanding market.

"We initially thought we would just redesign the home page," stated Dealer Ignition chief executive officer Steven Wagner. "But after a team meeting earlier this year, we decided to take a clean slate and build a new site from the bottom up.

"The process has been very beneficial, and the whole team was involved from start to finish," Wagner added.

Dealer Ignition cited Interactive Advertising Bureau data that indicated a record $6.3 billion was spent on Internet advertising during the fourth quarter of 2009. Dealer Ignition contends it's in "a sweet spot for growth." The company insists manufacturers are moving more of their budgets from traditional media to the digital realm, driven by the ability to precisely measure return on investment.

"The site will help us with lead generation and nurturing prospects through our sales process," Wagner pointed out. "We are fired up about the results of all our hard work."