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WALTHAM, Mass. — DealerRater, a dealer review Web site, recently conducted a poll to learn the most important element to consumers among six common vehicle shopping factors.

Choosing from hassle-free shopping, low price, prompt attention, location of dealer, service promise and dealer reputation, site officials indicated that the majority selection was hassle-free shopping.

DealerRater revealed that survey participants chose hassle-free shopping at rate of 30 percent. The dealer's reputation ranked next in the poll data, a factor chosen by 20 percent of respondents.

Rounding out the survey percentages were low prices (15 percent), prompt attention (10 percent), service promise (6 percent) and dealer location (3 percent).

Site officials pointed out that "other" also was an option available to survey participants. The poll data revealed that 16 percent of respondents chose this option with the opportunity to share additional comments.

DealerRater offered two example comments. One was "honesty and integrity at every step of the buying process." Another was "the knowledgeable and expertise of the sales staff is very important."

The company noted that the poll included responses from a sample of 5,530 dealership reviewers.

"Nearly half of the respondents made it clear that both a relaxed car-buying experience and working with a dealer with a stellar reputation are tops on their wish lists," explained Chip Grueter, president of DealerRater.

"These top two criteria fit perfectly into the overall mission of DealerRater, which is to provide an efficient point of entry for customers through free classified vehicle leads and give dealers tools to effectively manage their online reputation," Grueter went on to say.

DealerRater reiterated that it allows customers to post their reviews of dealerships to its Web site as a way to help other consumers with purchase decisions. Simultaneously, DealerRater can provide tools for dealers to manage their reputation through its Certified Dealer program.

"Reputation management has become one of the most critical components of effective online marketing, and the poll results clearly reinforce this," site officials concluded.