Dealers, take note: When it comes to the customer reviews you choose to feature online, words may matter more than stars.

CDK Global, as part of its The Language of Closers study, has identified the top words and phrases playing a role converting potential shoppers through dealership reviews.

“Dealers typically assume that positive, five-star reviews should be front and center on their homepage,” said Jason Kessler, lead data scientist at CDK Global. “However, we found that reviews using specific and relatable words, even if their overall star-ranking is lower, are more effective at converting shoppers.”

The research found that words such as “passing” (as in passing another vehicle on the road) were high predictors for conversion in sedan reviews. This word ranked at the top because it helps shoppers visualize and understand the power of a car by its passing ability. Terms such as “torque” and “horsepower,” on the other hand, are primarily meaningful to car enthusiasts.

“Quiet” and “comfortable” were other highly ranked words for all vehicle reviews.

“Words that help a customer imagine what it might be like to drive the vehicle were consistently ranked at the top of the list,” continued Kessler. “While dealers can’t control what their customers say, they can highlight the reviews that will be most beneficial to their customers, and their business.”

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