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SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — DealerSocket announced Wednesday that it has wrapped up the purchase of Carmind, a company that provides dealers with online sales training tools.

Carmind offers a series of multimedia courses — designed to demonstrate effective techniques — that are filmed in a dealership environment and available 24/7.

Dealer customers can pick what skills they want their teams to work on, and then access that applicable content in real time.

"Carmind's philosophy is simple; we explore real-world scenarios in an entertaining and fast-paced style," explained Carmind founder Napoleon Rumteen.

"As 'car guys' ourselves we understand sales professionals and have developed a successful formula that enables each individual to learn at their own pace," he continued. "Our dealer customer-base is forward thinking and a good match for DealerSocket's customer mindset. We are very excited to now be a part of the DealerSocket family."

Continuing on, officials noted that when Carmind develops its multimedia curriculum, it aims to blend the latest research regarding consumer buying attitudes and behaviors with up-to-date sales techniques.

"Carmind is a great fit for DealerSocket and non-DealerSocket customers alike," commented Jonathan Ord, DealerSocket chief executive officer and co-founder. "Our company attitude is to make the most of your existing resources, which is exactly what Carmind enables dealers to do.

"Fun and engaging interactive training helps dealership personnel say and do the right things with customers at every point of contact," he added. "Having the option to couple Carmind with DealerSocket's CRM solution will ensure dealers are doing everything they can to make the most of each and every sales and service opportunity."

Executives said the Carmind online training center can offer:

—Training scientifically developed the way the brain is tuned to learn.

—Multimedia courses to stimulate both auditory and visual senses.

—Short courses designed to complement the attention span of sales professionals.

—Fresh and consistent weekly training.

—100-percent measured results.