Continuing a string of recent announcements involving technology providers and franchised dealership websites, DealerSocket on Monday highlighted its enhanced relationship with Honda.

DealerSocket said its DealerFire website platform earned acceptance into the Honda Dealer Website Solutions Certified Program. This certification means DealerSocket’s DealerFire website platform is immediately available to Honda’s approximately 1,000 U.S. dealers.

The company highlighted Monday’s announcement marks the 20th OEM certification for DealerFire, which completed Honda's robust selection process that measured best-in-class services, a national reach and extensive automotive industry expertise.

“Honda was looking for a cutting-edge website and search engine optimization partner, and they found that with DealerFire,” said Eric Giroux, vice president of product management for DealerSocket’s digital solutions.

“Our DealerFire website platform helps dealers have a seamless shopping experience, the fastest mobile websites in the industry, and more control over their virtual showroom versus any other solution on the market today,” Giroux continued in a news release.

DealerSocket insisted that DealerFire websites are capable of mobile load speeds of less than one second on 4G and less than three seconds on 3G networks. The company believes these sites are built on the first platform specifically designed for the automotive retail industry.

“The result is fully responsive websites optimized for maximum visibility right out of the box,” DealerSocket said.

DealerFire websites feature native mobile functionality for an app-like shopping experience designed to efficiently connect car buyers to the inventory they’re looking for with Google-like, search-as-you-type functionality, and a search-by-features module.

For dealers who want more control over their virtual showroom, DealerFire websites contain a robust back-end editing system for do-it-yourself web and landing page creation with no HTML coding required.

The platform also offers more than 100 different inventory and incentives modules users can drag and drop onto a page, as well as a set of optimized webpage templates and container themes through DealerFire’s new Snapshot Studio.

DealerSocket’s announcement arrived after a series of similar developments, including:

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