DealerSocket said it reached another milestone in what the SaaS provider described as its “clicks-to-bricks experience” for dealers.

On Monday, DealerSocket released its next-generation desking solution. Sporting more intuitive, easy-to-navigate workflows designed to prevent errors and reduce time to first pencil, DealerSocket highlighted the all-new desking tool comes equipped with a robust calculations engine, flexible payment options, custom presentation capabilities and seamlessly integrates with DealerSocket’s PrecisePrice digital retail solution.

The sleek new interface, which has been architected within DealerSocket’s award-winning CRM, can give the new desking tool a uniform user experience with other DealerSocket solutions. DealerSocket contends the solution can open up a host of new opportunities to modernize a dealer’s road-to-the-sale process and can enhance save-a-deal and data-mining activities, CRM-generated campaigns and remote deal-making.

“There are several important storylines captured in this exciting launch of desking. For DealerSocket, our next-gen desking solution represents another critical step as we unify our suite of integrated solutions,” DealerSocket executive vice president and general manager of retail solutions Darren Harris said in a news release.

“Then there’s what the tool can do for dealers from a clicks-to-bricks perspective. Yes, our new desking solution allows dealers to reimagine their buying journey, but it also puts them in total control of just how far they want to go,” Harris continued.

The company went on to mention the main advantage of DealerSocket’s new desking tool is that it operates within the CRM as an in-app program, allowing dealers to seamlessly move between desking and throughout the CRM to update a sales opportunity’s vehicle of interest, follow up with appointments, or send communications.

That deep integration within DealerSocket’s CRM also means no pop-up windows for desking and an efficient and easy process that begins with a single click on a sales opportunity to start desking a deal, according to the company.

Once engaged, DealerSocket explained the desking tool can display a calculations worksheet, customer details and payment options on one screen. The latter views are collapsible when structuring deals using the calculations worksheet, which eliminates the need for mental math with smart fields within desking that can calculate dollar value increases or decreases in MSRP, selling price, cash down, and rebates.

Users can then compare and present a variety of lease and finance options with different cash-down amounts, term lengths, and APRs, as well as view and adjust other deal influencers like doc fee, buy rate, and gross.

Dealers can also take advantage of the following innovations:

• Deal history: Allows managers to desk multiple deals for a single customer without losing their work.

• Integrated incentives: Locate and attach factory rates and rebates to a deal to meet a buyer’s desired monthly payment.

• Personalized presentation: Allows dealers to customize which options to present to the customer and how.

“Especially in the digital environment, dealers need a platform that allows data to flow across a single ecosystem, and allows users to easily navigate software tools and features seamlessly,” DealerSocket chief product and technology officer Alok Tyagi said.

“Today’s release of our next-generation Desking tool represents another significant step toward delivering a simplified experience to our dealers, who now have a tool that allows them to create new opportunities,” Tyagi went on to say.

For more information, visit DealerSocket.com.