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LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. — Earlier this week, DealerTrack rolled out its DealerTrack DMS Switch and Save 50 Percent Program, which claims the company can offer most dealers significant savings on their dealership management system.

Basically, the program stipulates that DealerTrack can save users of competing DMS systems at least 50 percent of what they're paying for their current service.

If DealerTrack is unable to meet that end, the company will foot the bill for one month of the dealer's current service.

Officials stressed that the only systems that are eligible competitors include ADP (Elite, Drive, ARG/EDS, Web Suite 2006, Web Suite 2007) or Reynolds & Reynolds (Power/UCS, ERA excluding ERA ES).

Other conditions and restrictions can be accessed at www.dealertrackdms.com/savingsterms.

For more information, visit www.dealertrackdms.com/save50 or call (866) 462-1186.