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LEVITTOWN, N.Y. — DealerUps recently finalized an integration of the lead scoring solution from R. L. Polk & Co. into its customer relationship management system to enhance dealership databases.

Executives believe the integration benefits dealers because of standardized address information, elimination of undeliverable addresses, and valid contact information such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses. The also stress it appends key market data.

DealerUps emphasized that the objective of the integration is so dealers can target customers better and boost sales. Executives pointed out that an enhanced database can enable a dealer to build new revenue opportunities or increase current ones and provide the resources to reach and market to customers and prospects more effectively.

DealerUps officials went on to explain how this integration with Polk will operate.

Internet leads can be captured from within the DealerUps Internet Lead Management tool (Mailroom), a sector they said is fully integrated within its core CRM application. Next, they noted that DealerUps can rely on Polk's intelligence and sophisticated analytics to help dealerships optimize their Internet lead mix by determining the likelihood and timeliness of a lead converting to a sale.

"Polk's Lead Scoring solution combines predictive modeling and analytic capabilities with rich automotive intelligence to impartially determine which Internet leads are likely to result in a vehicle sale," noted Patrick Goodfellow, product director at DealerUps.

"With this integration, our auto dealer clients can easily qualify their Internet customers' interest and readiness to buy a vehicle, providing them with a distinct advantage over their competition and increased sales revenues," Goodfellow added.

Andrew Price, vice president of Polk Automotive Retail Solutions, reinforced what Goodfellow highlighted about his company's product.

"As a part of the scoring process, Polk Lead Scoring enhances Internet leads with a wide variety of proprietary automotive information and advanced demographic and lifestyle information before appending a score to the lead," Price emphasized.

"This ensures the most sophisticated and robust lead scoring available in the industry and also includes reporting and analytical capabilities and emphasizes our ability to evaluate lead performance at the lead source, make and dealer level," he continued.

Stan Thomas, chief executive officer of DealerUps, added: "We are very excited to be working with Polk to provide our dealers with these services to help them better target customers, boost sales and improve the bottom line."