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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — A series of dealer requests prompted Dealix to launch several enhancements to its Hassle Free Lead Return 2.0, a solution intended to boost leads for used- and new-vehicle sales.

On Tuesday, Dealix executives highlighted a trio of enhancements that stemmed from dealer feedback. The list included:

—An increase in the time frame for returning leads from seven to 14 days. Dealix believes this increase can give dealers more time to work and close the leads.

—Reduction in the amount of documentation required to prove a duplicate return. The company explained that dealers no longer need to provide a copy of the original lead when they submit a lead for return. Now dealers can just provide the original lead date, time and source.

—Added ability to enter comments with lead returns. Executives contend this feature can allow dealers to provide more information about their experience with the lead, enabling Dealix to process the lead faster.

In conjunction with dealer response, Dealix emphasized that its solution alterations also incorporate its Quality Pledge, a campaign launched last September. The company reiterated the Quality Pledge specifies that dealers should only receive leads that can result in a vehicle sale. Executives emphasize that this idea is supported by allowing dealers to return leads that do not meet a criterion of the Quality Pledge

"Collectively, the products allow dealers to make sure their lead baskets are optimized during the course of the month, and provide Dealix real-time data with which to manage its lead supply," company executives stated.

Dealix indicated that almost 2,000 dealers are now returning leads each month.

"With the Quality Pledge, we sought to place the bar for a qualified lead very high. We knew the program was unprecedented and that we would learn how to enhance it as our customers used it and told us about their experience," said Egon Smola, vice president of Dealix's new- and used-car leads business.

"It's really important to us that the program works for our dealers — fits in with their work flow — and, in the end, saves them time and allows them to make more money," Smola added.

Dealix also shared the results of a recent customer survey. Executives determined that 86 percent of dealers using their program reported a higher return on investment. The primary reason was being able to replace returned leads with new ones without increasing costs.

Furthermore, Dealix indicated that its survey also revealed that almost seven of 10 dealer respondents said they will not use a service in the future that lacks a Quality Pledge or robust lead return program.

"The Quality Pledge represents the best offering in the industry and is why I went with Dealix," noted Michael Halloran, e-commerce director with the Napleton Dealership Group.

"I have dropped all other lead providers because of the Dealix Quality Pledge," Halloran added.