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IRVINE, Calif. — When IntelliChoice.com revealed its "Best Deals of the Month" for the first time in 2010, a domestic automaker had one of its best showings ever.

The site shared its rankings for January and highlighted that models from General Motors topped many segments because of extensive rebates and incentives.

Officials reiterated that GM often does well in their rankings in the full-size truck category. But this time around, the automaker led the way in several segments, including compact pickup, luxury car, full-size utility, sports sedan/wagon, sports car and compact utility/crossover.

"Every new winner for the month of January is a GM model, which is something that has not happened in years, and maybe never," explained Charlie Vogelheim, executive editor for IntelliChoice.com.

"Nearly half of the overall winners are GM cars, trucks and SUVs," Vogelheim continued.

"Rebates certainly play a role in GM's showing, but keep in mind that other automakers are also offering discounts. GM's recent move to push Pontiacs and Saturns off the lot may influence the other domestic brands to match their prices and incentives," he added.

"It will be interesting to see what happens when we start ranking 2010 model year cars in February," Vogelheim also interjected.

IntelliChoice.com also mentioned rebates of $5,000 that propelled a couple of vehicles to top their respective segments. The two units with those hefty incentives are the Kia Sorento among intermediate utilities and the Cadillac DTS among luxury cars.

Executives noted that the average new car rebate for this month is $1,503, an amount higher than each of the previous three months. It was $1,367 in December, $1,407 in November and $1,450 in October.

"Where trucks have been most heavily discounted, larger rebates can now be found among SUVs, as well," IntelliChoice.com noted. 

The following are IntelliChoice.com's Best Deals for January:

 IntelliChoice.com Best Deals January 2010
 Segment  Brand and Model 
 Subcompact Cars  MINI Cooper Hatchback
 Toyota Yaris Hatchback
 Compact Cars more than $17,000  Volkswagen Jetta TDI Sedan
 Compact Cars less than $17,000  Honda Fit
 Midsize Cars more than $21,000  Toyota Prius
 Midsize Cars less than $21,000  Toyota Prius
 Convertible  MINI Cooper Convertible
 Luxury Convertible  Audi A4 Convertible
 Near Luxury Cars  Audi A3
 Luxury Cars  Cadillac DTS
 Large Cars  Hyundai Sonata 4cyl
 Base Sports Cars  Pontiac Solstice Coupe
 Sports Cars  Chevrolet Corvette
 Small/Midsize Wagon  Volkswagen Jetta TDI Wagon
 Sport Sedan/Wagon more than $38,000  Lexus GS Hybrid
 Sport Sedan Wagon less than $38,000  Chevrolet Impala SS
 Compact Utility/Crossover  Saturn VUE Hybrid
 Midsize Crossover  Volkswagen Touareg TDI
 Luxury Crossover  Lexus RX
 Intermediate Utility  Kia Sorento
 Utility  GMC Yukon
 Luxury Utility  GMC Yukon Denali
 Minivan  Honda Odyssey
 Full-Size Van  Chevrolet Express 1500
 Compact Pickup 2WD  Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab 2WD
 Compact Pickup 4WD  Chevrolet Colorado Extended Cab 4WD
 Full-Size Pickup 2WD Half Ton  Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab Hybrid 2WD
 Sierra Crew Cab Hybrid 2WD
 Full-Size Pickup 2WD 3/4 Ton  Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab 4WD
 Full-Size Pickup 2WD One Ton  Dodge Ram 3500 2WD
 Full-Size Pickup 4WD Half Ton  Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab Hybrid 2WD 
 Sierra Crew Cab Hybrid 2WD
 Full-Size Pickup 4WD 3/4 Ton  Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab 4WD
 Full-Size Pickup 4WD One Ton  Dodge Ram 3500 4WD