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NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Donlen Corp. has rolled out a new brand identity that features a new logo, tagline, Web site and blog, as well as an updated Donlen GreenKey Web site.

Looking at some of the specifics to the rebranding, the new tagline for the company is "Ideas. Focus. Solutions." Officials said it is designed to reflect such aspects as "innovative and empowering ideas, razor-sharp focus on technology and people, and industry leading, customizable solutions."

The company said one of its goals is to assist customers in becoming more efficient and effective via state-of-the-art technology.

Donlen said the upgrades to the Web site — which include more in-depth information, interactive media and improved user experience — can provide some help in that regard.

The new Web site will feature a new design and will allow visitors to:

—Better understand what differentiates Donlen in the marketplace.

—Navigate easily through the robust fleet solutions that Donlen offers.

—Access myriad industry and manufacturing resources, all with available RSS feeds.

"The new Donlen brand represents our core values," explained Gary Rappeport, Donlen's chief executive. "It symbolizes our strength within the industry, and our commitment to technology, leadership and innovation."

For more, visit www.donlen.com.