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SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Edmunds.com on Monday launched a mobile version of its popular Web site, InsideLine.com.

Site officials stressed the mobile version features much of the content that users can find on the full site. That list includes reviews, photos and videos of vehicles and comprehensive coverage of the Geneva Auto Show all optimized for better viewing on smartphones and other mobile devices

"The mobile era is upon us. Many people have abandoned their land-line phones, and it is only a matter of time before a majority of people will primarily access the Web on their handhelds," noted Edmunds.com president Avi Steinlauf.

"The Edmunds.com mobile site already generates a remarkable amount of car-shopper traffic, and we anticipate that InsideLine.com's redesigned mobile site will draw in automotive enthusiasts at the same clip — if not faster — given their appreciation for technology," Steinlauf added.

Edmunds.com executives pointed out that they originally rolled out InsideLine.com back in 2005.

"Our readers are loyal, typically checking the site multiple times each week," stressed InsideLine.com editor in chief Scott Oldham.

"We anticipate that they'll be quick to take advantage of the opportunity to access our award-winning articles, photos and videos when they are on the go," Oldham concluded.