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OTTAWA, Ontario — Toyota Canada is sponsoring a museum exhibit making its debut next month that highlights the country's auto industry history.

"In Search of the Canadian Car" is an exhibition that will be featured for the next five years at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. It delves into the nation's achievements in the industry, part of which involves teaching visitors about the individuals who build and distribute vehicles throughout Canada.

"The past, present and future of Canadian vehicles reflects a collective cultural history which will be showcased through this exciting new exhibit — a great addition to the Canada Science and Technology Museum," shared Yoichi Tomihara, president of Toyota Canada.

"Toyota, as a proud and long-standing member of Canadian communities from coast to coast — through our manufacturing, sales, dealership and parts operations — is pleased to be the automotive partner for this exhibition," Tomihara added.

Among the vehicles featured at the exhibit will a red 1989 Toyota Corolla that was the first Canadian-built Corolla sold in the country. There will also be a first-generation 1998 Toyota Prius hybrid.

Continuing on, there will also be vintage advertising materials from Toyota, as well as the 2010 Toyota Prius in the "Future Zone." That portion of the exhibit examines what the future may hold for the Canadian automobile as well as sustainable mobility.

"I am thrilled to have Toyota Canada as the presenting sponsor of our 'In Search of the Canadian Car' exhibit," shared Denise Amyot, president and chief executive officer of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corp.

"Through such partnerships, the museum is assisted in showcasing more of its world-renowned automobile collection that records rich cultural connections between science, technology and society," Amyot added.