Sometimes electric vehicles can be difficult for dealers to blend into their floorplan.

DriveItAway Holdings and Westlake Financial collaborated on a solution.

Last week during the Auto Intel Summit + National Remarketing Conference, DriveItAway announced the offering of its retail app, software platform and lead base to all interested dealers, combined with fleet credit line financing offered by Westlake Fleet, part of Westlake Financial.

A critical element for a dealer to use the DriveItAway SaaS platform and benefit from the national demand is fleet financing, while the cars are on the micro-lease program paid for by the driver. Westlake Fleet now will provide funding options to DriveItAway SaaS platform dealers allowing for easy scale and implementation.

“This marks a new milestone for DriveItAway, and our micro-lease platform, which has the potential to offer hundreds of thousands of prospects now shut out of the market a quality used vehicle,” DriveItAway founder and CEO John Possumato said.

“Vital to dealers who want to expand sales and market share with the DriveItAway program is vehicle credit line funding to scale in volume, and there is no better national company to do this than Westlake Fleet, part of Westlake Financial, the leader in the industry,” Possumato continued.

“We are very proud today to announce Westlake Fleet credit line options to our dealers for our DriveItAway Micro-Lease Program,” he went on to say.

The relationship with Westlake arrived soon after DriveItAway announced the national expansion of its partnership with Partners Personnel, one of the largest and the fastest growing staffing companies in the U.S.

That partnership is meant to give all employees access to quality personal transportation on its micro-lease to purchase platform, regardless of down payment or credit score, solving one of the biggest problems in entry-level employment today, the lack of transportation to get to work.

Possumato the resulting positive response and demand for the DriveItAway program following that announcement has been overwhelming, requiring more vehicles on the platform for customers, and the company is now encouraging dealers to partner up and use its app and platform as a SaaS, offering the DriveItAway micro-lease program to satisfy this demand and their own showroom customers who may not meet down payment or credit requirements for conventional vehicle financing.

“In addition to dealers serving their own customers who might not qualify for a car loan, given more difficult conventional financing requirements, our partnership with Partners Personnel has now given us overwhelming nationwide demand for our micro-lease solution, so now is the time for the rapid expansion of our SaaS solution for all car dealers throughout the United States, to satisfy these customers,” Possumato said.

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