Flexcar is bringing its vehicle subscription service to Rhode Island.

The company announced consumers in the Providence area can now sign up for monthly subscriptions, choose their vehicle and have it delivered to their home.

Flexcar chief operating officer Ryan Quinlan said while Rhode Island residents drive an average of less than 10,000 miles per year, “the cost of car ownership in this state is stubbornly high.”

“Rhode Island ranks toward the top of car maintenance costs due to road conditions, and it’s one of the more expensive states to get car insurance in,” he said. “When you consider all of this, on top of the thousands of dollars needed for down payments and the high interest rates that are driving up monthly payments, Rhode Island residents are paying too much to have a car.”

Rhode Island becomes the fifth state serviced by Flexcar, joining metropolitan areas in Massachusetts, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Flexcar said its memberships include insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, title, inspection, mileage and more in one monthly payment. Drivers can choose their car on the company’s website or mobile app, specify whether they’d like to pick up the car or have it delivered, and drive the car for as long as they want.

The company said the service can save drivers more than $2,000 up front compared to the costs of buying or leasing a car, and up to 20% on monthly payments.

“Starting today, Flexcar is offering Rhode Island drivers a more affordable, convenient, and fun alternative to leasing or buying,” Quinlan said.