Data collaboration platform InfoSum and Experian are teaming up to help automotive brands use their own data to better connect and engage with the right buyer at the right moment.

The companies have launched a solution designed to securely access insights about in-market or current vehicle owners, extend match rates and improve targeting, which they said gives businesses a secure and privacy-compliant way to connect directly with consumers with a high propensity to purchase a vehicle.

InfoSum chief operating officer Lauren Wetzel said the initiative “furthers our shared commitment to deliver private collaboration solutions to meet the needs of marketers” and “enables brands to enrich data sets and execute campaigns using continuous updates.”

“Through InfoSum’s platform,” she said, “auto brands can now target in-market buyers while fully empowering their agencies and data science teams with protected access to campaign analytics.”

The companies said the new tool, built around Experian’s identity graph and InfoSum’s data clean room technology, allows auto brands to access Experian’s 750-plus off-the-shelf syndicated audience segments, covering 900 million registered vehicles in the U.S. and Canada.

That predictive ownership data on various criteria — including fuel type, make and model, and vehicle price — provides insights about consumers planning to buy in the next six months, enabling brands to enrich and extend their first-party data to generate greater reach, scale and relevancy.

InfoSum said all data remains fully obfuscated, aggregated and protected, allowing advertisers, agencies and measurement partners to use it to continually optimize audience segmentation and improve accuracy with end-to-end privacy protection.

“The importance of privacy-first collaboration platforms has never been greater, with third-party cookie deprecation underway,” Experian vice president of automotive product management Erik Hjermstad said in a news release. “Experian is deeply committed to privacy-compliant and future-proofed targeting.

“InfoSum’s privacy-enhancing technology combined with Experian’s identity resolution and auto data solutions give marketers the power to match, discover and explore critical auto consumer detail, maximizing campaign performance without exposing any PII.”