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HENDERSON, Nev. — Findlay Automotive Group has finalized its acquisition of Colorado River Chevrolet in Needles, Calif., and announced that it will be moving the dealership to Bullhead City, Ariz.

The store — which will be the first Chevrolet dealership in Bullhead City — will be merged with Findlay Motor Co., the group's Buick and GMC store in town.

Officials emphasized that Findlay Motor Co. will still provide warranty work and service for Colorado River Chevrolet Customers.

"During a time when the economy has really impacted the automotive industry, we're fortunate enough to have a solid customer base and successful track record that has enabled the Findlay Automotive Group to continue its growth," said Findlay Automotive Group chief financial officer Tyler Corder.

"We're pleased to be the first to bring the Chevrolet brand to Bullhead City," said Ray Meins, general manager of Findlay Motor Co. "We look forward to welcoming Colorado River Chevrolet customers to our dealership."