In what it’s calling a “strategic transformation,” electric vehicle manufacturer Fisker announced it is developing a new dealer partnership model in North America featuring expanded dealer territories and no-haggle pricing.

Previously, Fisker has sold its vehicles in the U.S. directly to consumers online and through its Fisker Lounges in Los Angeles and New York.

The company said it will pursue a hybrid of direct sales and dealer arrangements in European markets.

Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker said the new sales models are a response to the rapidly changing EV market.

“As a high-growth startup, Fisker is transforming its strategic efforts by putting in place the brand accessibility and sales channels required to satisfy increasing demand for the Fisker Ocean and to prepare for launch of additional future models,” he said in a news release. “As a result, we are evolving our business model and intend to add as many as 50 dealer partners in the U.S. and Canada and a similar number of dealer locations in Europe this year.

“In keeping with our asset light strategy, I expect the dealer partnership model should enable Fisker to expand its sales and delivery network at a faster pace.”

The dealer partnership model combines Fisker’s goal of offering customers no-haggle-pricing where permitted while also providing dealers with large market territories, allowing them to maintain pricing without worrying about local competition.

The company said it has been in discussions with “numerous” potential dealers since late November.

Fisker expects its first dealers to begin receiving vehicles by the end of the first quarter.

The automaker said it does not plan to require its dealers to make extensive changes to their existing facilities, as it has developed corporate identity features that can be provide to dealer quickly in order to begin sales and service as soon as possible.

Fisker will continue to operate its Fisker Lounges in global markets, where customers can “experience the brand.” The company said it will contribute sales leads generated by the lounges to its dealers.

Fisker said it will work with dealers who “place a high emphasis on delivering excellent customer satisfaction, providing streamlined customer support and service and expanded test-drive opportunities as the range of Fisker models and trim levels expands.”

Dealers will also facilitate financing and insurance arrangements and assist customers with matters related to Fisker’s warranty.