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DEARBORN, Mich. — After the success of the first initiative that generated a great deal of exposure and buzz for the new model, Ford has rolled out a second wave of its Fiesta Movement.

During Fiesta Movement Chapter 2, there will be 20 teams of two agents that will embark on "missions" within their own communities. These areas include 16 major markets (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Denver, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Orlando, Phoenix, Atlanta and Miami).

The missions will include of both online and off-line interactions with consumers in the respective markets, officials noted.

As some may remember, the first of the Fiesta Movement had a widespread social-media impact. Its reach consisted of 6.2 million YouTube views, over 750,000 Flickr views and close to 4 million impressions on Twitter.

Moreover, a Guinness World Record was set during December, as 1,149 Fiesta Movement agents and Twitter friends gathered at the Fiesta Movement Awards Celebration in West Hollywood for the largest attendance at a "tweetup," according to officials.

"This was a natural progression from the first phase of the Fiesta Movement," stated Connie Fontaine, Ford brand content and alliances manager. "Chapter 2 will still be rooted in social media, but this time the content will also live offline and find its way into new mediums.

"Fiesta needs to clearly be the star now as the agents share their work within their communities and beyond," she added.

During the missions, agents will compete in challenges in their respective market. They then will produce and post their creative content on www.fiestamovement.com upon finishing their challenges.

"The best content will be recognized based on online consumer interaction and consumers' opinions about the agents' work, and will be amplified in local media and events as well as through a variety of national mediums," Ford officials indicated.

For instance, during the "Show the World UR Personality" mission, agents will design a "wrap" for their Fiesta that reflects the personality of their team.

The teams will work with designers to fashion the wrap for their personalized Fiesta, which will be sent to them.

Fans will then vote for the best wrap on the Fiesta Movement Web site. The winner will later be available for shoppers and put into a national Fiesta display in the future.

Ford noted that followers of the movement will be crucial in the campaign, as they are asked to keep tabs on their favorite team, taking pictures of Fiesta Movement content they see in their communities or offering responses to movement content posted via social media.

"Essentially, the agents will be introducing Fiesta to their communities, with local culture driving the content they create," Fontaine stated. "There will be unique opportunities for consumers to actively engage and follow along with the agent teams in their area."