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CAMARILLO, Calif., and BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. — It didn't take long for Robert Lutz, who recently retired as vice chairman of General Motors, to find a new endeavor.

On Monday, executives from Transonic Combustion announced that Lutz would join their company's board of directors. Transonic Combustion's objective centers on directly supplying global manufacturers with its high efficiency fuel injection systems.

Lutz's career included top executive positions with GM, Ford, BMW and Chrysler as well as chief executive officer of Exide Corp. GM recently held a celebration of Lutz's tenure and contributions to the automaker.

However, the industry veteran hasn't chosen to sit idle, deciding to champion the development of Transonic.

"For the foreseeable future, the internal combustion engine will remain the dominant propulsion system for automobiles," Lutz explained, "and there is still a lot of room to improve its efficiency. Customers and manufacturers want better fuel economy, lower emissions and a great vehicle experience all at an attractive price.

"Transonic's new supercritical fuel injection technology can greatly improve engine efficiency and potentially become the new industry standard," Lutz insisted.

Transonic believes its fuel injection system has demonstrated extraordinary fuel economy and lower emissions while running gasoline effectively within modern diesel architecture engines. President and CEO Brian Ahlborn expressed his enthusiasm about bringing Lutz into the company fold to boost development.

"Bob brings to Transonic's board of directors a lifetime of automotive experience and a passion for personal transportation," Ahlborn stressed.

"He joins our board at just the right time, as our technology development and customer traction are progressing rapidly," Ahlborn went on to say.

"As our mission is to bring significantly improved efficiency to internal combustion engines, Bob will clearly insist that this is done with the same excellence that has characterized his career," Ahlborn concluded.