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DALLAS — Fortum Corp., a provider of license-plate recognition technology to the repossession and recovery industry, has just rolled out a program that includes a free camera system for approved agents.

Company executives explained that along with the two-camera LPR system, agents also can become part of Fortum Recovery's national forwarding network. They indicated this status makes approved agents immediately eligible to recover vehicles identified by Fortum's LPR technology.

Furthermore, the company noted that agents also can search their own historical plate scans for new matches at no charge.

Fortum indicated plans to continue its exclusive partnership with PlateScan to provide the underlying LPR technology for its camera systems. The company contends PlateScan's technology is the most advanced LPR software available and is used by law enforcement agencies nationwide as well as the Department of Homeland Security.

Executives highlighted that the program includes a system that has two video cameras with infrared illuminators, a video-processing unit and a laptop computer pre-installed with the LPR software. They believe Fortum's cameras are small enough to be easily positioned inside of a recovery truck to make the system more portable.

Fortum is asking agents to pay a security deposit and monthly fee to access the database of vehicles available to be recovered. The company also said that agents can receive full technical support, including installation training. If a system malfunctions and cannot be repaired, executives pledged to ship a new system within 72 hours.

Fortum is now accepting pre-orders for this free camera program. The company intends to ship the systems in June and get the database up and running by early July.

Agents can obtain more information by calling (877) 306-7955 or sending a message to info@fortumglobal.com. The company plans to conduct several Webinars about its system with dates and times to be posted online at www.fortumglobal.com.

"This is truly an exciting milestone for the repossession and recovery industry," insisted Stephen Brockway, Fortum's chief executive officer.

"LPR technology is quickly becoming standard for the most successful recovery agents, and we see this new program as an accelerator of that evolution," Brockway continued.

"Not only is the program very affordable for recovery agents, but they will also be using the industry's most advanced technology," Brockway added. "We are working with a number of financial institutions to include their repossession lists in our database and expect a full slate of orders when the program launches."