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DETROIT — The General Motors Foundation has teamed up with the William J. Clinton Foundation to donate 30 GMC trucks and supplies to earthquake-stricken Haiti.

Two of the trucks were slated to be sent to Miami last week as part of the NFL Little Haiti Outreach Event that was being held in the Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center.

NFL players were to tour the facility and discuss some of the players' ties to the Haiti. They also planned to collaborate with NFL partners to help raise funds for the Little Haiti community.

"Everyone in America has been affected in some way by this tragedy, including GM employees, families and friends," stated Susan Docherty, GM's vice president of sales, service and marketing. Docherty is also a GM Foundation board member.

"GMC and the NFL are going to visit the heart of the Haitian community in South Florida to show our support," she added.

When the Sierra pickups arrive in Haiti in the middle of this month, they will be stocked with supplies like tarps and tents, which Florida GMC dealers and their respective communities have donated.

Edmond Mulet, acting head of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Haiti, requested the trucks. The country desperately needs them to transport supplies, so the GM Foundation and William J. Clinton Foundation are coordinating these efforts. The Clinton Foundation is providing the transport of these trucks to Haiti, and the donation of the vehicles is a contribution from the GM Foundation GM Global Aid program.

"Immediate needs in Haiti include basic supplies and reliable transportation that can handle rugged and mountainous terrain," stated GM Foundation chairman John Montford. "We believe the donation of 30 GMC trucks can have an immediate and beneficial impact on relief efforts in Haiti."

The GM Foundation has given a total of $100,000 in cash to the Haitian relief.

There was an additional $250,000 raised last month from the auction of a limited-edition Chevrolet Corvette at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction.

There are more collections being taken at U.S. auto shows.

GM noted that all money for Haiti will be given to the American Red Cross.