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DETROIT — General Motors Fleet and Commercial Operation's Fleet Action Center reached a significant milestone at the beginning of last month. The center opened 2010 by responding to its 1 millionth call.

Executives stressed that Fleet Action Center agents work quickly to respond and resolve fleet and commercial inquiries. They pointed out that the center is staffed with professionals with more than 500 years of automotive experience collectively.

"Every call that comes in is a moment of truth. It's a moment when someone needs help and we're there to provide the help they need," explained Don Kaiser, GM Fleet and Commercial Operation manager of customer support and the Fleet Action Center.

"We are an asset to our customers because we have the answers or know where to find the answers — the knowledge to meet their needs and save them valuable time," Kaiser added.

GM said that the Fleet Action Center's incoming calls are manually tracked and categorized using four call prompts: incentives, fleet account number inquiries, order management and specifications and service.

The automaker also mentioned that its agents — most of whom have experience in many different areas from manufacturing to sales and service — are cross-trained in the first three center prompt categories. Officials said service inquires are filtered directly to a specialist in fleet and commercial service issues. 

"Dealers and customers have come to rely on the Fleet Action Center as an important source of knowledge to answer questions and assist in all their fleet needs," stated Brian Small, GM Fleet and Commercial Operations executive director.

"Our mission is to make it as easy as possible — cut down the number of buttons pushed, keys typed or calls transferred — to help our callers get their answer quickly," Small continued.

The agents are housed at GM's Technical Center in Warren, Mich. The company noted that many agents have been part of the Fleet Action Center team since the center opened nearly 10 years ago.

To contact GM's Fleet and Commercial Operation Fleet Action Center, clients can call 1-800-FleetOp, which is (800) 353-3867, on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

To learn more about the vehicles offered by GM Fleet and Commercial Operation, visit gmfleet.com.