Gubagoo, which specializes in “conversational commerce solutions” for the auto industry, has launched a digital retailing solution that can activate online car-buying from dealership websites and Facebook.

The Gubagoo Virtual Retailing solution utilizes messaging and live video interaction and integrates the company’s operator-assistance and engagement capabilities.

It is designed to allow consumers to set up the entire deal — including trade valuation, use of rebates, credit application and more — through the dealership website or Facebook.

Should questions arise, the solution alerts dealership personnel, who can then answer questions via, chat or video.

“Dealer personnel can also pencil different payment options down to the taxes for customers,” the company explained in a news release.

“Gubagoo retail specialists will be standing by monitoring and coaching consumers throughout each stage of the buy process to help answer any and all questions via video, chat or text when dealership personal are not available,” it said.

Chief executive officer Brad Title added: “Upwards of 80 percent of consumers do not complete the entire online process and tend to defect, perpetuating a negative customer experience. When customers come into the dealership, they can now continue where they left off rather than having to start over again. Gubagoo's Virtual Retailing platform takes a conversational e-commerce approach.

“Our Virtual Retailing platform not only delivers an easy to use online retail tool but also includes a fully integrated white-glove hand held service delivered by Gubagoo's digital retail specialists who understand menu selling and the importance of profitability and F&I penetration.”