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PALO ALTO, Calif. — In order to push its deep pool of current automotive content out continuously, High Gear Media on Tuesday announced the launch of individual vehicle Web pages that now update themselves in real time.

Company officials explained that they now have hundreds of pages specifically detailing various brands and models across their network of Web sites. They cited examples of units such as the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Equinox, Honda Accord, Chevrolet Camaro and Toyota Prius that likely will have newly created highlights about performance, along with consumer and expert reviews.

"While Wikipedia's page about the Toyota Prius updated 40 times so far in March and links to 200 sources, High Gear Media's similar page has linked to the best from over 8,000 pieces of content and was updated a few hours ago," company officials asserted. 

Rather than consumers having to search in numerous places, High Gear Media also contends its aggregation system and new update technology can help potential buyers faster.

"There has been an explosion in auto content online and consumers end up frustrated and buried in confusing data and opinion, unsure of what information can be trusted," noted Ido Green, High Gear Media's chief technology officer.

"Our new car pages make it easier than ever for car shoppers to find information by cutting through the noise and presenting the most relevant, high-quality content every time for any car, all in one place," Green continued.

High Gear Media's owned and operated Web pages include TheCarConnection.com, MotorAuthority.com, GreenCarReports.com, AllCarsElectric.com and FamilyCarGuide.com.