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WEST CHESTER, Pa. — HomeNet Automotive has formed a partnership with DecisionLinks — a provider of predictive lead-management solutions — that is designed to help dealers adjust their inventory to meet market demand, improve sales conversion, gain stronger leads and meet potential customers' needs more effectively.

Officials said the TeaLeades program from DecisionLinks is easily integrated into HomeNet's Inventory Online analytics suite.

Basically, TeaLeades is a predictive lead intelligence system that passively connects to customer transaction data, officials explained. It is designed to attach data, measure transactions, and model all inputs. Moreover, officials said it adjusts to market changes in real time.

"Profitability boils down to matching supply to demand. Our lead-centric solutions align early demand signals from the marketplace with the dealer's actual inventory, helping dealers to find more quality leads, reduce vehicle-days' supply and ultimately convert more sales," shared David Bailey, president of DecisionLinks.

"And on the supply side, HomeNet manages a very deep mine of rich vehicle data across its vast network of dealers," he added. "This new intersection of dealer sales, lead, and inventory data is a game changer for everyone in the auto business."

DecisionLinks' chief technology officer Buddy Murphy noted: "We're excited to leverage our years of expertise and market-tested systems optimizing automotive business intelligence by connecting all data points for dealers."

Andy McBride, vice president of business development for HomeNet, offered his perspective: "Partnering with DecisionLinks allows HomeNet customers to sharpen their understanding of each prospect beyond anything imaginable today. 

"With this depth of analytical sophistication, dealers can now manage their prospects with far more precision, selling more cars sooner while saving money and time as a result," he continued. "I call it ‘instant data gratification.'"