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WEST CHESTER, Pa. — HomeNet, an inventory solutions provider, recently entered into partnership with a popular consumer Web site that officials contend is a no-lose proposition for dealers.

Due to the arrangement, dealers can now list their inventory on Edmunds.com and receive high-quality leads in return.

Sean Peoples, of Edmunds.com, stressed that dealers only pay for the leads they receive, creating what he described as a self-sustaining arrangement.

"Dealers have nothing to lose with a per-lead revenue model, and they gain free exposure with Edmunds' nearly 16 million monthly visitors to boot," Peoples pointed out.

"Unlike sites that charge a flat monthly subscription, even with no lead activity, HomeNet is only charging dealers based on that dealer's success, so the dealers can't lose," he continued.

Edmunds.com site officials indicated that they receive 15.8 million unique visitors monthly. Of those individuals, they said 80 percent own their own home and 70 percent are married.

HomeNet also claimed that Edmunds.com is the top viewed automotive site for consumers earning more than $100,000 as well as for people with investment portfolios of more than $250,000.

"It is well known in the industry that Edmunds is one of the premier auto shopping sites and that Edmunds' leads have among the highest closing ratios," said Neal Gann, HomeNet's vice president of strategic relations,

"Consumers who visit Edmunds.com are affluent and educated, and they have great credit. These are every dealer's dream buyers," he continued.

"HomeNet continues find ways to help our dealers get the most from our online inventory marketing solutions, and so we're always looking for best-in-class marketing opportunities for them to get their inventory in front of more buyers. This is definitely one of those opportunities," Gann concluded.